Muir 5K wallpapers

While I’m (slowly) picking away at the third, and biggest yet, volume of my Muir icon set, I’ve had so many requests to put up the wallpapers that I’ve finally decided to act and put them up here in their full 5K glory:

5K iMac wallpapers

These wallpapers were offered as a reward to my Kickstarter backers for Ride North (some awesome news and updates on that and the photo book this week, as well!), so I can’t simply give them away without feeling like I would slightly sour my backers.

So, I’m offering them for a small fee. I’ll put it towards food for my newly adopted kittens and consider it an extra incentive to make more Muir icons!


Click here to buy this set of wallpapers. When Muir Volume 3 hits, I’ll be sending another wallpaper out to everyone who purchases this set. Thanks for the support! Check out my Holiday gift guide, too.