Flash Dock

Simple, relatively cheap and potentially rather useful — I ordered one of these Flash Dock gizmos today. They’re iPhone docks that you can mount on your camera using the ‘hot shoe’ socket for all sorts of fun usage cases. I’ll write more about it once I put one through its paces.


I’ve signed up for Founderscard a while back, and recently received my member package in the mail. This is a great example of a membership package done right: the design is impeccable.

Founderscard is an invite-only membership program for entrepreneurs and innovators (as they themselves say) with solid benefits. The actual card itself is cut out of what I assume to be about 250-300μm thick aluminium, laser-engraved with the member’s name and number. It’s nice. The membership package comes in a rather handsome black paper cylinder with a welcome note and membership card.

Founderscard benefits include discounts and dedicated service contacts at Apple, AT&T, Hertz, Virgin America / Atlantic and over a hundred other companies I love giving money to. It’s fantastic. If you sign up with my referral code (FCSEBA398) and get approved as a member, you get a solid discount on your membership fees and I get a few points. You can sign up here.

Camera information: Taken with a Fujifilm X10

A new personal favorite, Fuji’s X10 is a smaller, cheaper brother of the famed X100 point and shoot. It has a rugged, classically styled magnesium alloy body, a manual barrel zoom lens with excellent optics and a 2/3″ CMOS sensor. Get it on Amazon.


Pure black and white form. Astonishing animation by Ion Lucin. I truly love the black and white minimalism.

While we are on the topic, one of the few sites I visit monthly to feel inspired is the Sixteenth Division, an astonishingly well-curated black and white image stream by Derek Boateng.