Yosemite, April 2013

An overdue recap of my April / May 2013 Yosemite visits, aggregated from my 500px / Instagram / elsewhere.

This place is magical. There are simply no words that can adequate describe it. I’ve yet to explore much more of the park, so there’s many more photos to follow.

I took most of these photos on a trip around my birthday near Vernal and Nevada Falls, Half Dome, Liberty Cap, Yosemite Valley and Panorama Point. If you’d like to check out these fantastic views, look into the Mist Trail; it’s a great hike that’s quite doable for most newcomers as well. You can check out accommodation, reservation and permit information on the government website of the park.


Instagram photos I took while there were all taken with my iPhone 5: I edit most of my photos slightly (or sometimes a bit more than slightly) in Snapseed before (usually) throwing an Instagram filter on them.

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