I recommend getting a good USB drive and keeping it attached at all times with a bootloader. Saves space on drives and helps reinstalls / troubleshoots. I hooked up several of these HDDs, and two of these SSDs. I also added a USB headphone amp (DAC): this is the one I use that works great in Mac OS X, with this pair of headphones.

Read more about the Build. This guide will help you install Mavericks in 20 minutes.


Want a bunch of Amazon wishlists? Here:

Current build. Recommended build. Cases.

Whatever is affordable and compatible at the time. Haven’t had bad experiences with Corsair.

The old Mac Pro tower had a 1000W supply; lots of headroom, very efficient, very quiet.

Whisper quiet, very accesible and easy to build in, and — dare I say? — beautiful to look at.

Powerful, yet affordable CPUs that are excellent at both multi-threaded and single threaded work.

Beautiful, highly compatible motherboard with Thunderbolt expansion option (!).

Extremely good performance / price ratio, very high performance, low power use and heat.

Recommended: Same or simiilar. Whatever.

Recommended: 600 watt at the very least.

Recommended: here’s a whole list of good cases.

Recommended: Same or i7-4790K

Recommended: Same or Sabertooth Z97 Pro

Recommended: Same or dual GTX780.


Power Supply

Power Supply





The Build is Sebastiaan de With’s workstation. Also check out Manifest for sweet 5K wallpapers for your battlestation.