Photos: Firewatch at GDC

My friend Cabel asked me to take some photos at the Campo Santo event for Firewatch at GDC.

If you don’t know Firewatch, it’s an excellent game that is in development by a lot of very talented folks like James Benson, Olly Moss, Jake Rodkin, and many more together working under the studio name of Campo Santo.

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The party space itself, however, was also something else entirely. Greg Maletic did a super kickass job of creating a space resembling the Firewatch watchtower and a whole ‘forest’ (with real trees). The watcher’s desk, for instance, has all the actual props you can see on and around the desk in this gameplay video.

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At the party, people could play the game, meet the developers, etc.

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In between the trees you could sit down on a stump and play the game: (as you do)

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Here’s Rich Sommer (of Mad Men fame) playing the game. He is actually the voice actor for the protagonist. I imagine it’s kind of trippy to play a game while hearing the character talk in your own voice.

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I got to play through the demo there myself and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m definitely looking forward to play the game more as it gets closer to completion.

Firewatch (13 of 3)

Thanks to Campo Santo, Panic and everyone else!

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