My new project: Ride Earth

I’ve been so busy with this huge new endeavor that I haven’t even been able to announce it properly on my blog: my big new project has been launched! Meet Ride Earth.

Ride Earth is a website that serves as a place where people can find inspiration and tips on adventure travel, whether on motorcycle or hiking, hitchhiking, driving, flying — you name it. Apart from our own travel updates and tips, we will also be reviewing the gear and tools that make travel enjoyable by putting them to the test ourselves.

It’s an ambitious project, and I haven’t been this excited to launch something for a long time. As we build on it further, with our own travels and contributions of others, I hope it will become a great resource for others as well as a great place to spend some time.

The launch also means we’re embarking on another trip: starting late this month, me and Stuart are riding off again. This time, we are heading South, eventually hoping to hit the Southernmost accessible point of the American continent near Ushuaia, Argentina. Wish us luck!

You can follow the Ride Earth on the website, its Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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