Muir: the Master Collection

Need some fresh icons for OS X Yosemite? Hate the way Adobe’s apps look in your Dock? Already a fan, but tired of seeking out all the various volumes of Muir? Good news!

This collection unifies my effort to make some nice replacement icons for applications for usage in the OS X Yosemite dock, 35 icons in total with various system and non-system apps and more requests from Twitter and Dribbble.


Comes in ICNS format, includes @2x sizes for all y’all retina folks.

It includes icons for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Bridge, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, Lightroom, Cinema 4D, Sparkle, Espresso, Coda, Transmit, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Spotify, Rdio, Slack, Mail, Safari, Skype, Steam, Transmission, System Preferences, Messages, Tor, VLC, Deliveries, Sketch, Image Capture, and Quartz Composer.

James Moore was kind enough to help me make a script that will automatically set the icons for you. It is included in the package as ‘Set Icons Automatically’. Easy peasy!


If you like Muir, a tweet is appreciated. Thanks!

You can download the individual sets of replacement icons here. If you wanna support me and need some nice matching 5K wallpapers, check out Manifest.

These icons are free to use personally, on your own computer, for customization purposes only. Please do not use Muir for professional work or republish the files.

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