A bit about me

I’m a 26 year old Dutch expatriate living in San Francisco.

I love making and enjoying well-designed things. I strive to make technology better and easier to use through visual & user interface design. I also have a lot of fun on the side with hiking, traveling, concerts and music festivals, photography, video games and making actual physical stuff.


I have previously led design teams and processes, designed products and user interfaces and consulted for companies you’ve heard of:

… but also plenty of fantastic small independent software developers.

Apart from doing design and creative direction on a freelance basis, I’ve also spoken at conferences, given workshops and consulted for teams and companies in the last few years. I also run a website where you can learn icon and interface design.

I currently am riding to Alaska on a motorcycle for a project called Ride North.

I last worked at a San Francsico based startup called doubleTwist, where I was the Chief Creative Officer.
As I mentioned, I’m a huge lover of music and music festivals. I don’t play any musical instruments myself but I try to get out and enjoy the fantastic product of other people’s creativity to the fullest extent. I love independent video game and movie makers, too.

I express opinions and make bad jokes on Twitter, write a bit on App.net, share my listening habits on Last.fm, play games almost exclusively on Steam and PlayStation Network, and sometimes show a scrap of something I am working on on dribbble.

I don’t have a LinkedIn profile. I think it’s a terrible website and it should cease to exist as a standard.

If you have questions or would like to make any kind of inquiry, send me an email by addressing it to ‘s’ at dewith.com. Easy.

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