Muir: Yosemite Icons, Volume II

Part of a continuing effort to make some nice replacement icons for applications for usage in the OS X Yosemite Dock. This time around, mostly requests from Twitter.

Meet Muir! Named after John Muir, a great nature man and advocate of the National Park system that eventually brought us Yosemite National Park as we know it today, Muir is a family of icons that I’ll expand upon over time. This second set contains icons for Twitter, Rdio, Safari / Browser, Steam, Tor Browser, Spotify, Slack, Sublime Text, Sketch and Sparkle.


Comes in ICNS format, includes @2x sizes for all y’all retina folks.


As usual, if you like Muir, a tweet is appreciated. Thanks!

You can also download the previous set of Adobe CC replacement icons here.

These icons are free to use personally, on your own computer, for customization purposes only. Please do not use Muir for professional work or republish the files.

The next pack of Muir icons includes icons for Chrome, Transmission, Skype and several more. If you have some requests, let me know.

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