A Wallpaper A Week I – Underdark

Here’s something new: I’m going to be making and releasing a wallpaper every week. I’ve slowly gotten used to not spending any time fooling around and creating simple and small things like I used to back in the day, when I made icon replacements and other freebies. This should hopefully change that. I was also very inspired by “365”-style projects that force you to be creative every day and create something, if only small.

Grab the first one in the series, ‘Underdark’, in your format of choice:

If you are on an iPhone or iPad, here’s some direct image links: iPhone 5 / 5S, iPhone 4 / 4S, iPad mini and non-retina, Retina iPad.

Eventually, if there’s demand, I may make a mailing list for people that want to pay a few bucks to get access to the 4K originals, with source files and maybe get the wallpapers a day before they come out on here.

For now, enjoy the wallpapers and check back here Wednesdays for fresh pixels!

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